We decided to hack Monopoly, and we created Hackanopoly. Here are some of the rules modified.

Hacked Rules:

1. You can land on a store, and buy either speed die, to go faster through the board or, an duel die, to duel another player, and get money.

2. There is a mugger who goes around the board and steals money.

3. When landed on the “Store”, one has the option to purchase a “Speed Die” or a “Dual Wheel”.

  • A “Speed Die” helps a player advance quicker in the game
  • A “Dual Wheel” is a challenge imposed by the player on another player to battle for money, against each other.

Moving Rules:

  1. To move, one must roll two dice. Once rolled, the two sums are equivalent to the number of moves. However, the player also has the option to move backwards, although they must pay a penalty of $20 and the number of moves is half the number of the sum. (When the result includes .5, round up)

Image of Game: