Welcome to the Mouse – Mozilla December Shadowship! Thank you for signing up for this program. We are going to use this blog to document all of the work that we do throughout the next two weeks. I know that you may have other blogs, but this will be our “working blog” so that we can help each other, post interesting links, and take notes.

To get started I wanted to tell you a bit about the work we will be doing over the next two weeks.This shadowship will consist of 4,  4 hour workshops that will train you to become Mozilla Youth Ambassadors and then later this year you will be facilitating a few hack jams. That means that you will learn Hackasaurus, HTML, CSS and facilitation in order to run your own hacking events and/or clubs. The overall structure of the workshops will be:

Session 1- Monday, December 5th: 1:30pm – 5:30pm
Intro to hacking, “open web” and intro to X-Ray Goggles
Session 2- Wednesday, December 7th: 1:30pm – 5:30pm
Deeper dive into HTML and CSS – design challenge
Session 3- Friday, December 9th: 1:30pm – 5:30pm
How to run a hack jam
Session 4- Monday, December 12th: 1:30pm – 5:30pm
Practice event with peers

Here are the main tools that we will be using throughout the shadowship- I will update you through this blog if we add any more.

  • del.icio.us My Delicious tags for our shadowship are here
  • Mozilla Hackasaurus X-Ray Goggles
  • This blog — create an account for yourself right now! ALL your challenge responses must be “turned in” by linking to them from this blog. When you update your responses to challenges link to them from this blog also.