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Captain  Super wall-  he has the power to throw fire balls at villains how try to cross the wall. A long time ago in a far school named cyber squad. were super wall a student was elected to go visit one of the most advanced technology in the hold city, but something when wrong in it’s visit. he touched  one of the controllers and he  when into  cyber world. it took him to  firewall city. where his mission is to let good information go in and burn bad things.

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Hacking for good:

Sol-Tech– Mouse Corps Legacy students hacked the MintyBoost kit by Lady Ada to create an innovative solar technology that helps charge portable devices.

Wikipedia- Different people go on to edit the information on it so that people could have more stuff for their research on different topics.

Hackasaurus: Students hack for knowledge and to achieve a better understanding for hacking.

Hacking for bad:

PSN: People hack the Play Station Network for their own selfish reasons.

Invading people privacy: Hacking people’s email and computer to get information about them.

Hacking your teacher’s website to get answers for tomorrows test.