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So me and Zainab Created Two icebreaker for the Mouse Hack jam on monday.

Ice Breaker 1:

Tweet Hacking

I would send a tweet saying, My favorite game is… Then someone would hack this tweet, then someone else would hack their tweet, and so on and so forth. The tweets would by tracked by the hashtag: Hackthistweet

Ice Breaker 2:

Decode Dancing:

I would dance something, and the participants would try to guess what i am saying. Then Zainab would say what i mean. Then we would explain that zainab knew what  my dance ment because she knew what the moves ment. We would then explain this is  like knowing code. Knowing code will allow you to know what people put on their website.


Click on the Picture to visit my webpage.

My Website

Captain simple is the defender of the INTERNET! He makes sure the internet is simple and easy to use for all ages! He has the ability to organize all the information on the internet to make it easy to find.

But he wasn’t always captain simple. Carl C. Computer used to be a regular HS student, but one day while in mouse, he fell into a vat of a toxin known as , CHEMICAL INTERWEBS. He saw the worst of the internet, how complicated it was! He came out as CAPTAIN SIMPLE, and vowed to protect it’s simplicity!

But while not a superhero, he is still Carl C. Computer, Normal kid by day, CAPTAIN SIMPLE BY NIGHT!

Can you get which page i hacked?

My hacking google site

There are good and bad definitions for hacking. You can use hack for the good as said by these websites:

Learning to hack, so you can make games

The ethics  in hacking

Hacking Ikea to make cool stuff

But there are also ways to use hacking for the bad, as said by these websites:

Hacking netflix to get free movies

Hacking PSN, causing disruption. 

Hacking to attack a group of people


Hacking: To adapt with a pursuit to solve problems, and overcome limits