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i was in my first work shop and it was pretty fun and i really was impressed how fast they learn compared to me who took about a month to learn most of the things 


day one was super fun i meet the people im going to be teaching kids with they where very fun and im excited to be helping them with the work shop and i also realized how lucky i am to be in a shadow ship like this one 

me and jose's

this is me and jose’s icebreaker

info man has the power to know any thing any time and is always protecting the knowledge and fights plagiarism he got his super power by trying to out smart the internet and he did not fail but when he did he got sick from pushing his mind to far but was saved by using the knowledge that he got from his studies but after that some one took all his nots that helped him out smart the internet and took it as his own to make money so he could support his band of criminals he found the criminal and his name was plagiarism man

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