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Hackasaurus’s first official Hack Jam was on 3-24-12 (Saturday). The Hack Jam wasn’t for students but for educators which was quite interesting. The educators had a lot of energy and that was their first time learning and using X-Ray Goggles. The educators were excited for students to come to their schools and facilitate hack jams for their students. The first hack jams for the students in 3-30-12 in Atlantic Avenue. The educators infected me with some of their energy and I cannot wait to teach kids about X-Ray Goggles and look at their faces light up like the educators did. Hack Jams promise to be a lot of FUN already!!!!


i was in my first work shop and it was pretty fun and i really was impressed how fast they learn compared to me who took about a month to learn most of the things 

day one was super fun i meet the people im going to be teaching kids with they where very fun and im excited to be helping them with the work shop and i also realized how lucky i am to be in a shadow ship like this one 

On Monday, Omar, Zainab, Youssef and Jose facilitated their first Hack Jam – teaching members of their MOUSE Corps team. Here are their amazingly festive links from the “Hack the Holidays” challenge:

me and jose's

this is me and jose’s icebreaker

So me and Zainab Created Two icebreaker for the Mouse Hack jam on monday.

Ice Breaker 1:

Tweet Hacking

I would send a tweet saying, My favorite game is… Then someone would hack this tweet, then someone else would hack their tweet, and so on and so forth. The tweets would by tracked by the hashtag: Hackthistweet

Ice Breaker 2:

Decode Dancing:

I would dance something, and the participants would try to guess what i am saying. Then Zainab would say what i mean. Then we would explain that zainab knew what  my dance ment because she knew what the moves ment. We would then explain this is  like knowing code. Knowing code will allow you to know what people put on their website.