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I AM Inspector Plagarismo… superpower for now will deal with allowing plagiarism on the internet FOR EVER!!!!!\

Backstory- I used to be Captain Own-info, but then I became Inspector Plagarismo because a long time ago I was writing a paper on technology and how it affected the mind. I used one sentence that was not mine and I got arrested, from that day on I hated the rules and the people that suported the law of plagiarism FOREVER!!!!!!


Captain  Super wall-  he has the power to throw fire balls at villains how try to cross the wall. A long time ago in a far school named cyber squad. were super wall a student was elected to go visit one of the most advanced technology in the hold city, but something when wrong in it’s visit. he touched  one of the controllers and he  when into  cyber world. it took him to  firewall city. where his mission is to let good information go in and burn bad things.

Name: Conwoman

Superpower: My job is to make sure that it’s easy and convenient for people to get on the internet. I make it easy for people to post, edit,  search, download etc. on the internet.

Backstory: As a customer care representative I was exhausted about hearing people complain about their internet problems. I was lost in my thoughts as I wandered home one day. I walked right into some computers toxic waste. I woke up the next day and discovered that I had powers to make internet use convenient. I decided to help people with my power so I could stop hearing their complains.

Alter Ego- Zainab Oni

info man has the power to know any thing any time and is always protecting the knowledge and fights plagiarism he got his super power by trying to out smart the internet and he did not fail but when he did he got sick from pushing his mind to far but was saved by using the knowledge that he got from his studies but after that some one took all his nots that helped him out smart the internet and took it as his own to make money so he could support his band of criminals he found the criminal and his name was plagiarism man

Captain simple is the defender of the INTERNET! He makes sure the internet is simple and easy to use for all ages! He has the ability to organize all the information on the internet to make it easy to find.

But he wasn’t always captain simple. Carl C. Computer used to be a regular HS student, but one day while in mouse, he fell into a vat of a toxin known as , CHEMICAL INTERWEBS. He saw the worst of the internet, how complicated it was! He came out as CAPTAIN SIMPLE, and vowed to protect it’s simplicity!

But while not a superhero, he is still Carl C. Computer, Normal kid by day, CAPTAIN SIMPLE BY NIGHT!



The overall structure of the workshops will be:

Session 1: Intro to hacking, “open web” and intro to X-Ray Goggles
Session 2: Deeper dive into HTML and CSS – design challenge
Session 3: How to run a hack jam
Session 4: Practice jam with peers

Yesterday  we started out by mind mapping. This gave us a chance to make sure that we were all on the same page
when we talked about hacking, tinkering and coding.
We paired off and responded to a challenge to define hacking in a tweet. Here are the final definitions:

We decided to test the definitions. The next challenge was to hack a board game. Our two teams chose to hack tic tac toe (which became Finger Tac) and monopoly (which became Hackopoly). The teams wrote new rules and then playtested each others games.

Throughout the course of the activity, we talked about our process and what options we had in terms of hacking the games.

After a break we talked a bit about what makes the web unique. As a group we came up with a list of things that make the webs special and things that make the web difficult to use:
We then talked about how the web was designed to be participatory and collaborative. We looked at a slide show that I created as part of the Hacktivity kit.

After a brief intro to the X-Ray Goggles, we hacked Google, and then I challenged everyone to hack a website of your own choosing. The goal was to make as many changes as possible to hide the identity of the original site.

Hacked sites: Facebook, Tumblr, the NYC MTA page, Twitter, Apple and even the Mouse page!
Our next workshop is tomorrow. We will be learning HTML and CSS and moving from hacking to webmaking!


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